Deutsches Zentrum für Herzinsuffizienz Würzburg
Comprehensive Heart Failure Center

Am Schwarzenberg 15
Haus A15
97078 Würzburg

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Fax: (+49)931-201-646333

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bis 1.11.15: 01EO1004
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Welcome to the Chair of Cellular and Molecular Imaging (CMI)

We develop, apply and do research on a variety of biomedical imaging technologies, in particular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy (MRS), positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), and their combinations. Imaging research is complemented by an electronics/coil lab for MRI hardware development,  and working groups on computational cardiology and hyperpolarized liquids for MRI use.   

The chair is part of the Comprehensive Heart Failure Center (CHFC) at the University Hospital Würzburg. As such, research questions tend to focus on biomedical or diagnostic imaging of heart failure. Since heart failure is a complex disease involving a variety of organ systems, research usually focuses on the heart but also includes other organs like the brain, lung, or kidney.  

The Chair is the research part of the CHFC senior research professorship Cellular and Molecular Imaging, which started operation in November 2014. The complementary supporting imaging structure to the Chair is the CHFC Core Facility Imaging which  hosts and organizes CHFC related cardiovascular imaging support and access.

Imaging research related questions or scientific collaboration requests should be directed to Laura Schreiber, who is the first professor of Cellular and Molecular Imaging.

If  state-of-the-art imaging without any further need for imaging methods development is requested, please contact the Core Facility Imaging. If you are unsure what is needed contact anybody and describe your interest. You will be directed towards the appropriate organizational structure.

Prof. Dr. Laura Schreiber

Kind regards,

Laura Schreiber

Director, Chair of Cellular and Molecular Imaging
Coordinator, Core Facility Imaging
Speaker, Department of Cardiovascular Imaging

  • Contact: Mihaela Pali (email)
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